In general terms Cornerstone Equity, LLC and our affiliated companies, are real estate re-developers specializing in small to medium sized commercial and industrial properties. Our Company has acquired property throughout the Denver/Aurora metro area since 2000 with a focus on the Historic Downtown Aurora area where we have had operations since the early 1990’s.   

Cornerstone Equity, LLC and our affiliated companies also serve the states lending community by acting as REO (real estate owned) consultants and we are basically "problem solvers".  We find resolution for various lenders with their problem loans.

In 2006 we relocated our corporate offices from the Cherry Creek area back to Historic Downtown Aurora in order to be involved with, and part of, the growth in the Aurora Arts and Cultural District. Our principals, Doug Adams and Michael Rasser, have over 60 years of combined experience in real estate, loan origination and construction. They have proven their ability to locate property that is subject to redevelopment at good price points and creating additional value through redevelopment.

We also work closely with lots of local lenders helping them with their Real Estate Owned portfolios, coming up with solutions to those properties and working with lenders on note sales.

Affiliated Companies:

  • Construction Management Associates, Inc. (CMA) handles the entire construction side of the business for Cornerstone Equity, LLC.  CMA has the contacts, skill and experience to bring projects in on time and within the allotted budget. They are prepared to interface with the city planning and building departments and manage the entire construction phase

  • Network Funding Solutions, Inc. (NFS) provides funding solutions for various types of commercial properties and asset based loans.  If you’re inquiring about a loan follow these links to the various items that will be needed:

Link to Loan Application Checklist

Link to Loan Application

Link to Authorization for credit inquiry


  • Cornerstone Realty Colorado, LLC (CRC) is the brokerage arm of our companies helping to facilitate all aspects of property acquisition or sale.